Cloud services

Cloud: A better home for your servers

The cloud means you don't need to pay for idle servers anymore. You can elastically add and remove processing power to your system adjusting exactly to your needs. If you are still paying a fixed amount monthly to your hosting provider, you are losing money.
By moving to the cloud, you can also build extremely reliable systems that are always running, even if a data centre goes down. Not only that, but you will improve response time for your users.
We have successfully deployed applications to different cloud providers, and we have migrated from traditional hostings to cloud platforms. We can work both with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. In fact, one of our founders is distinguished as a Google Developer Expert on the Cloud Platform, and as a Google Authorized Trainer for the Cloud Platform.
We understand sometimes you just cannot move everything to the cloud. Don't worry, we can also help you design a hybrid solution with part of your operations on your own servers, and part on a public cloud.

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DevOps: Ansible, Git, Containers

DevOps: Ansible, Git, Containers

We know how to automate your application provisioning, monitoring, and deployment end to end. We use tools like Ansible, Monit, Docker, or Kubernetes to make your operations run smoothly. So if a service fails in the middle of the night, you don't need to wake your sysadmin up.

We can also help your team define a Git workflow and embrace best practices to integrate development and operations. Exactly the way successful fast-moving companies work.

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APIs: RESTful APIs Design and Microservices

APIs are more important than ever for your products. With a huge diversity of devices and with the rise of distributed systems, you should have a strategy to provide your contents via an API. And your API should be designed to resist the passage of time, and to be usable for other developers.
We have built several RESTful APIs along the last few years and we have shared our knowledge on API patterns and API usability in conferences in Europe and the US. We have saved out customers' development teams a lot of research by advising them on how to best develop their products' APIs. Let us help you too.

Big Data: Spark, Flink, DataFlow, and BigQuery

Big Data: Spark, Flink, DataFlow, and BigQuery

Working with Big Data can be hard. It's not only about getting the right information, but about getting it on time. The first problem is to decide which of the many available Big Data stacks are more appropriate for the problem at hand, without sacrificing future improvements.
Then you need to build your solution, deploy it, maintain it, scale it, and refine it. And you have to make sure it is running and available whenever you need to extract information.
We speak Spark, Google BigQuery, DataFlow/Beam, and Flink. We can help you implement your Big Data system, for batch or real-time stream analytics, for modest volumes of data or for millions of events per day, on your premises or in the cloud.
We like data so much we even built our own Big Data as a Service platform.

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Development: Ruby, Python, and JavaScript

Development: Ruby, Python, and JavaScript

We have been developing backend and web applications for almost two decades. We started with C++ and Java, but we moved to dynamic languages in 2006 and we haven't looked back. If you need to develop a project with Ruby, Python, JavaScript or a mix of them, we would be delighted to hear about it. More important than the programming languages, we have extensive experience making systems grow. We can help you identify performance and scalability problems and advise on how to fix them.

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NoSQL: Redis, MongoDB, and Graph Databases

We love relational databases (our favourite is PostgreSQL). They are awesome for many use cases. But sometimes they are not enough.
If your data are moving too fast, need to be expired, or have to support data structure operations, you might want to use Redis. If you need flexible schemas, complex nesting of records, and document semantics, you could have an excellent use case for MongoDB. If you are modelling a network, building a recommendation engine, or trying to find patterns in your data, Graph Databases are your best ally. And our favourite is Neo4j. Or maybe all you need is Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3.
We have been around alternative data stores for a while. If you are struggling with your relational database, we can probably suggest a better fit for your particular problem.

External CTO

External CTO: Strategy, developer mentoring, team leadership

We have been setting up development teams for over 10 years, including remote teams. If your development team is growing and you need advise on how to manage the growth and keep your company culture, we will be happy to talk to you and to mentor your team.

Also, for those companies without an internal development team, we can act as an external CTO/non executive and supervise the work done by outsourcing agencies or freelances. We can also help you interview and recruit potential candidates.

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Training. Custom made courses or Google Cloud Platform official qualification exams


If your team needs training in any of our areas of expertise, we can help you out. We can organise in-depth courses for your technical team or introductory courses for your business and management team.

We have one of the few Google Authorized Trainers on the Google Cloud Platform in our team. We can help you get the official qualification for any of the Google Cloud Platform exams. On-premises or as part of a public course.